Time to drive organic traffic to your website, here’s how!

Time to drive organic traffic to your website, here’s how!

The SEO techniques are keeping on changing gradually. Google undertakes all the measure to analyze and understand the web pages also trying to keep people within its framework.

Things get harder for people who rely on Google for good organic results. Google’s SERP comes up with its 16 main features which are as follows:

  • 1. Google Ads
  • 2. Knowledge cards
  • 3. Knowledge Panel
  • 4. Carousel Results
  • 5. People also ask
  • 6. Site Links
  • 7. Reviews
  • 8. Top Stories
  • 9. Featured Snippets
  • 10. Local Pack
  • 11. Scholarly Articles
  • 12. Tweets
  • 13. Image Pack
  • 14. Local Teaser Pack
  • 15. Shopping results
  • 16. Videos

1. Make full use of Google Analytics to track Metrics

The best and wise step you can use to improve seo in coming year is to understand Google Analytics. It helps you to understand your website to take data-based decisions. Metrics will help you understand how your website is ranking in search engine and also your audience group and their associated behavior. It is considered as the great tool to target your customers.

2. Identify threats and opportunities and update your content in the website for more performance

Content plays an important role in digital marketing. It involves delivering engaging content to readers and adds value about our services or products. One can check which content is more engaging based on variety of data points which includes:

  • Minimal Backlinks
  • The number of social shares
  • Oldest Pages
  • Light Content
  • Low Organic Traffic

3. Create content based on primary keywords and secondary keywords

Develop the framework of your content with the help of extensive keyword research. It is important to distinguish the balance between keywords and everyday language in order to generate Google friendly writing. Develop a habit of using keyword in the content that you generate so that you don’t require to insert keyword later.

4. Improvise your backlink portfolio

Even if you follow all the on-page seo tips and tricks, there’s no guarantee that your website will rank first on Google. Backlink plays an important role in effective SEO Strategy.

Backlinks are of two types:

  • Backlink types: Backlink usually comes with dofollow or nofollow properties and dofolloe carries more weight.
  • A website where backlink originates: -If you’re advertising your content, for instance, and targeting publishers to run a story, the site that links back to your content would be the source of your backlink

5. Use header tags to target and improve your featured snippets

You have to be mindful and active when developing content for your page. It is observed that 80% of readers spend their time looking at the content which is on the top of the page.

Google doesn’t consider context solely for indexing based on the results of the top of the page. It looks at the article as a whole, so remember to put some thought into it. Another thing you can do is add the jump link to the top of your page. It gives good user experience and also header tags use can help to go after Google Featured Snippets.

Get better SEO results

Search Engine works hard to show results on search engine from the billions of website on the internet. All the website optimization efforts are important to improve your SEO ranking.

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