An in depth view of digital design and its types

An in depth view of digital design and its types

With the usage of digital devices gradually increasing these days, it is important to consider the importance of having the best digital design. Most of your potential users are online searching for information. Digital design is basically any design best to be used or viewed on digital device. It consists of the depth meaning with précised design concepts

One should focus on one type of digital design at a time. In order to achieve the best result, it is important to understand the basic aspects of digital design to establish the business goals.

So, what is Digital Design?

Digital Design is a piece of visual creative that presents information or products or service using digital interface. These digital designs are made specifically to be used on computers.

Now, what are the various forms of Digital Designs: Let us explore one by one with its usages.

1. Web Design

Web design is the most popular epitome of digital design. For a business, having a logo was a common factor to get their business identified. Now-a-days website is the best form of digital design to show details regarding your products or services comprising of many branch pages to display all the necessary details in it.

2. Landing Page

Landing page is considered to be the subset of website mainly crafted for the marketing purpose. Business website acts as a central source for all information regarding products or services, whereas landing page consists of a single page devoted to display information about specific products or services.

So, understanding the need for website and landing page is important for your business to streamline and educate your customers about your business.

3. App Design

App design looks like web pages but they are designed to specifically perform certain features such as shopping, scheduling, messaging or playing music. Apps are basically an essential tools for the users. Apps are commonly designed for mobile devices, but they can be used on desktop app as well.

4. Icons Design

Icons are the visual representation of certain functions. Icons are used at both places, in website as well as mobile. Icon usages may vary based on the clients perpetual requirements. Also designing a launch app icon for mobile app is something you can do to brand your business. It is same just as designing a logo for the website.

5. Infographic Design

Infographic design is the design in which the information is represented in a graphical format to make data easily understandable. Infographic can be either print or digital through which you can tell story with information.

6. Email Design

Email is widely used by business for newsletter and marketing promotions. Just like letterheads, emails are used in a same way as cohesive branding does across company’s communication.

7. Social Media Page Design

Social Media involves posting content, cover images and other advertising posts on it. Though photograph is a common type of social media image, the digital designers helps brand craft their custom social media creative as a part of their effective marketing strategy.

8. Banner Ads

You might have seen online advertising done which are showcase on web pages. Banner ads are the new version of ads that we put up to end users who are mostly online. They are same like billboards and print ads whose main purpose is to create brand awareness or sell products. These banner ads are interactive as when the user clicks, they are directed to landing page with more information about the products.

9. PowerPoint Template Design

PowerPoint templates are also considered as the digital designs that companies can use for their presentation needs. Some contents like business plan, marketing proposals and promotional plans are some of the resources that the digital designer creates. These designs can be used to pitch decks and other deals to present their company to third parties.

Before planning your digital designs, it is instructed to go through the entire designing process right from requirement gathering to the final output to develop quality design. Looking for the best web designers to suit your business needs, consult us today. Let’s get started.